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Sailing Vessel We Be Jammin went aground after a storm in early January 1999. She was approximately 250 feet from deep water and was high and dry at low tide with only a couple of feet of water under her at high tide. She Draws 5 feet!  --click on small pics to make em big--

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Now that's a predicament !!

Here is how the crew at Dolphin Landings safely pulled the We Be Jammin to deep water. No line was chafed, no damage to anything or anybody. With the methods employed on this day, we figured we could have pulled a sailboat off twice her size with no problem!

1st thing was to attach a bridle around the entire hull. When pulling on the bridle pressure was evenly dispersed and pulling from the actual keel and the bottom of the boat.the bridle.JPG (46887 bytes)<<Click to see the bridle

With the use of a VERY LARGE 6to1 block and tackle borrowed from the HMS BOUNTY...and the use of a stationary piling,(a large anchor was standing by if this wasn't in the right place), A small motorboat was able to pull the working end of the purchase(6to1).

1st Pull Off.JPG (47035 bytes)

The first movement was tested by 6 of us pulling on the block and tackle, we actually pulled manually the  1st length of the tackle!

Then we reset the tackle...                               Hi Dino!

Dino 2.JPG (60305 bytes) Dino 1.JPG (48883 bytes)

and we pulled...

Sprint Pulling 1.JPG (40449 bytes) wbj makin a wake.JPG (26712 bytes)

She's makin a wake here...

almost there.JPG (37949 bytes)
almost there3.JPG (41395 bytes) almost there2.JPG (41286 bytes)

Now for one last tug...last tug.JPG (46874 bytes)

and the We Be Jammin is FREE !!!!! Floatin Free.JPG (35163 bytes)

As you can see this whole operation took less than one afternoon.

Professional Towboat operators currently think you must destroy the bottom land by digging a trech to a stranded vessel using their propwash...thus taking longer & usually causing  damage to the ecosystems involved if not damage to the vessel itself... We have proved that is not the only solution!

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