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Hurricane Georges

Sept 26, 1998

Hurricane Georges passes close to our area, close enough to evacuate our island, not close enough to cause serious damage, so as the threat was ending and the winds were still up we gathered up a hearty crew with instuctions that stated..

"We are not turning back, so bring a bucket if you think you might have a seasickness problem or catch the next public sail"

We then prepared the yacht from the previous Hurricane ready state, no sails, double lines, etc. and 2 hours after the call ...and after the news crews came by for a visit, of which we could not persuade to go! oh's the pics

-click 'em for bigger-

Groupshot.JPG (121983 bytes)

4interview.JPG (48783 bytes)

hdgoutbow.JPG (46186 bytes)

hdg out triangle1.JPG (40521 bytes)

Heading out was fun, now thru the shorebreak & into the Gulf of Mexico

surf.JPG (33939 bytes)

choppy seas.JPG (21288 bytes)

surfindown.JPG (23658 bytes)

sailin good.JPG (22312 bytes)

Now for some real fun stuff...

bowriding.JPG (41979 bytes)

off the lip.JPG (24627 bytes)

me on ratlines.JPG (41159 bytes)

1st lifine in.JPG (50714 bytes)

rail down.JPG (61327 bytes)

What it looks like when you fall overboard...\/

portholes in.JPG (65478 bytes)

behind a wave.JPG (22130 bytes)

overboard.JPG (24966 bytes)

Now for some Bosun Chair riding on the way in...

bosun chair 4.JPG (51014 bytes)

bosun chair flyin.JPG (44577 bytes)

rd on chair.JPG (43305 bytes)

Background...Everyone on this sail is either a charterboat captain, crew, or something from varied backgrounds...Join the crew at Dolphin Landings and you too might make the next storm sail...

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