Nats 1998
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Nats Van Show.JPG (22558 bytes)

This of Course was the Official Van Show for the NATIONALS '98 above

Main band stage on right...  Click on Pic for FULL size !

Blind Van Driver

Snap Dragon Blind Driver.JPG (41196 bytes)

Snap Dragon

Fore Play Vanners

The Wildest Blind Driver Stunt - He didn't stop in time at the end & almost flipped!


Musicman blind driver.JPG (23138 bytes)

Music Man -

Fore Play Vanners

Definitely the fastest van to compete with a 502+ Blown Chevy

Gnarly Blind Parking.JPG (39109 bytes)


Fore Play Vanners

Slowest of our club with the lowest ground clearance though!

Check out this Caravan to town for a public VAN show! \/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Caravan start.JPG (35636 bytes)

The Lineup was 6 or 7 Lines & the first Vans were in the Parking lot before we left, 6 miles or was it 16 miles??

Caravan to town.JPG (15450 bytes)
No NATs trip would be complete without a trip to Grandma's house !! Grandma's House.JPG (32402 bytes) Losing radio reception.JPG (29733 bytes)

I hate losing radio reception near the end of a race & no other stations to switch to !!

Spacemans mini.JPG (33921 bytes)

SpaceMan and his Mini Full size Radical

...More Fun around the Campsite... water battle.JPG (49350 bytes)

And to think Florida would succumb to battle tactics of water, yeah right!

Public show at nats.JPG (26483 bytes) The Public Van Show After The Road Rally CaraVAN !!

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