My Cats
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1st a tribute to our Kitties past....
My 1st & still favorite...never able to be replaced.... Dude

dude.jpg (93389 bytes)

Irie... brought down early...

Irie.jpg (89831 bytes)

Oreo... moved on? or out?

 Sister of Jammer

2-in-chair.jpg (75928 bytes)


Our Current Cats....

catplay5.jpg (530694 bytes)

Jammer ... & ... Sport


Jam2web.jpg (160783 bytes)




Sport1web.jpg (73671 bytes)




Jam-port-noseweb.jpg (112625 bytes)


catplay4web.jpg (73472 bytes)  

sport2webtall.jpg (56953 bytes)


catplay3web.jpg (97640 bytes) catplay2web.jpg (81063 bytes) catplay1web.jpg (82483 bytes)