Capt's Qtrs Interior
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Well this is not yet finished but here's the update...

inside before 2.JPG (52474 bytes) Were talkin' back to bare bones... inside before1.JPG (42097 bytes)
So. Lets start somewhere... raw begins2.JPG (44415 bytes) framing bed.JPG (46996 bytes)
Framing the bed.JPG (47711 bytes) plywood evrywhr.JPG (50718 bytes) good for now.JPG (55224 bytes)
raw begins.JPG (36313 bytes)

Now lets add a FLOOR!

Gluin floor stbd fore aft view.JPG (47488 bytes) gluin driver side.JPG (50435 bytes) Gluin floor stbd fore.JPG (48839 bytes)
  Side view1.JPG (40775 bytes)  


Stay Tuned... There IS more to come...

Insulation is in...moving along again on the interior, the motor swap took some serious time!! Engine = 440