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Here ya go, Some Pics of the van getting painted with before & after shots...Don't forget If you want more detail, click the Picture to get it full size


It looked like this for a while...


Capt Qtrs port July 98.JPG (48116 bytes)


Capt Qtrs July 98.JPG (38779 bytes)
Running Boards.JPG (67994 bytes) Add a set of CUSTOM runnining boards and flares Stbd Qtr before1.JPG (55301 bytes)

...Before it looks better, its gotta look worse...

stbd bow before2.JPG (54361 bytes) Stbd Qtr before2.JPG (37479 bytes) Stbd Side before 2.JPG (49210 bytes)
Color Selection.JPG (56376 bytes) My Girlfriend Susie, helps in the color selection
Paint Graphics Stbd.JPG (41106 bytes) Stbd During waves1.JPG (48624 bytes) Now for some Graphics...

Stbd During waves3.JPG (42475 bytes)

Paint Graphics Port.JPG (41624 bytes)
Stbd During waves2.JPG (51850 bytes) Stbd During wh1.JPG (56902 bytes) Port during1.JPG (41190 bytes)
Now its starting to look like something Painted Graphins Stbd Qtr.JPG (57523 bytes)
Painted Graphins Port.JPG (67197 bytes) Painted Graphins Stern.JPG (44408 bytes) Painted Graphins Stbd.JPG (55582 bytes)
More Paint & some accessories
Stbd Bow After1.JPG (60740 bytes) Stbd After1.JPG (72936 bytes) Stbd Qtr After1.JPG (54060 bytes)
Lookin' Good... HUH?
Capt Qtrs Daytona40.JPG (45327 bytes) me van turn 3.JPG (52287 bytes) Capt Qtrs Keys1.JPG (38689 bytes)

This is my custom Street Van currently in its 20th Birthday restoration, Check back soon to see how its moving along, the finished interior is next! Motor = 440 

Paint/Body By Stuart Sweat At the Sweat Shop (813) 949-8359    LUTZ, FLorida