Beach Van
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1st you acquire a van

beach2before6.JPG (28465 bytes)

beach2before4.JPG (29063 bytes) beach2before3.JPG (20563 bytes)

Dream something

and start playing... beach2before2.JPG (30073 bytes)
chop4.JPG (39341 bytes) chop3.JPG (37736 bytes) ...and painting
chop5.JPG (26307 bytes)
Next... well>>>>>> <<<<Some Cutting may be involved?
chop6.JPG (33245 bytes) chop2.JPG (37858 bytes)
chop7.JPG (30434 bytes) chop8.JPG (30525 bytes) chop1.JPG (20216 bytes)
Then maybe ...

a little something more with paint?

I use Hi-Quality paint from Kmart !! In a convenient spray can too!
add a couple of seats from your roomates van(which he replaced)
Also added an old sail from the 41' ketch "Phoenix" for a 'top' beachportside.JPG (39281 bytes)

This van has now served itself in countless ways including beach transportation during the flooding waters of Hurricane "Georges"!!

Also a good Parade platform for the holidays!!!!!